I have lived in Gainesville, Florida for around 31 years and became interested in the Havana Silk breed about six months before my little Bichon Frise, Murphy, would pass over the Rainbow Bridge. I found a breeder that I liked in Illinois and gave her a deposit for a pup from a future litter that she had planned. Panda came home with us as a companion, and we were urged to show her as a companion puppy in the regional Havana Silk Dog Association of America (HSDAA) shows. She got her Companion Championship as a Havana Silk and I got to meet some of the greatest people I have ever known. I wanted a reason to continue going to the shows so what did I do but start looking for another puppy.

My first dog after Panda was a beautiful dog, Amante. He had earned his Jr. Championship and during a preliminary evaluation was found to have shoulders that were not as well angulated as was required in the Havana Silk. I was advised never to breed him because this type of shoulder angulation was dominant. After many long agonizing days and nights I decided to re-home Amante with someone I had come to know who lived in Palatine, Illinois. Jana and her son, Aidan, live a short distance from the Chicago O’Hara airport, so I made plans to fly him up and stay with him a few days to make sure that he and Bentley, Jana’s first Havana Silk, got along well. Amante and Bentley are best buddies, but the best part was meeting Jana in person and having several days to get to know her and her son. Jana is a good friend and someone I’ll always love.

So what do I do now? Several people suggested that I just keep girls because it would be next to impossible to find the one stud dog that would be a good match for several different girls. This made sense to me, so I started looking for girls and so far I have five awesome, very healthy girls.